Board of Directors
August 18, 2018

Sherwood Co-op is a democratically controlled co-operative; members control the co-op through a locally elected Board of Directors.

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Thank you to all who attended the Annual General Meeting on Monday, May 7, 2018 and thank you to all the nominees who participated in the Board of Directors election. Congratulations to your re-elected Directors, Kaleena Baulin and David Sloan and your newly elected Director, John Stevenson. A huge thank you to Keith Nixon for his many years of service to Sherwood Co-op.

The Board of Directors of Sherwood Co-op are:

  • Lori Sanders  Board President
  • Andre Perras  Board Vice-President 
  • Robert Gehl  Board Secretary
  • Tracey Bakkeli  Director
  • Kaleena Baulin  Director
  • Kerry Gray  Director 
  • Bill Schroeder  Director 
  • David Sloan  Director
  • John Stevenson  Director